Here 2 Hear: Drama
"Welcome to French Quarter"

Stony Brady (David Cole), professor of folklore at Tulane University, is our narrator. In this, the opening moments of the series, Stony tells you about his home and why he tells the of French Quarter.

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"Spayse Dawrg Dunn It!"

Featuring David Ossman of the Firesign Theatre! Stony (David Cole), professor of folklore, goes down the river in search of Mudbug (David Ossman), a homeless man who is the only witness to a brutal attack. Was this the work of a pack of dogs - or the fabled chupacabra, an "extraterrestrial pit bull?" Only Mudbug knows...

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"A Sanctuary is Invaded"

Iris (Angie Hickman), owner of the New Age shop, ventures into dangerous territory when she goes to find the vampire George (Christopher Mills) in his lair.

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"Lying is a Sin"

A good process server must be creative to get the door open. Sometimes it backfires - with very weird and soapy results. (Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha, Chelsea Rohweder as Irene Duprea and Heather Rayl as dispatch)

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Break It Up, You Two!

Two patients Roger and Skip get into a fight in the dayroom of the inpatient adols spsych ward where they are receiving treatment.


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Hey Beth, Thanks for Calling In...

Shock jock Mitch (Winston Fiore) thinks he can't be shocked, but when a desperate woman (Dana Dyer Pierson) calls in, he's got to shift gears in a hurry.

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The Elevator

When two Chicago detectives venture deep into an abandoned warehouse in search of answers, they get more than they bargained for...


A Cry to War

The noble Iceni queen Boudica (Diane Kondrat), considered by many to be the greatest female monarch of the ancient world, rallies her people on the eve of war.

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Two strange customers (Tony Brewer, and Richard Fish) do verbal battle in Alice Hammond's (Marshella Griffin) bookstore, warning her to mind her own business. But how can she, when her life is making less sense every day?

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