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Meet Angel Micheal X34267-1

This is all his fault ... I mean, his IDEA.

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Mephistopheles is a little nervous. His parents are coming over for dinner
to meet his new girlfriend...and she's a mortal. Martin Wilson plays Mephist, Dana Dyer Pierson is Mom - and Dante playwright Scott D. Southard makes a great cameo as Dad - in this surreal clip.

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"The Sigmund Freud Show"

The most popular TV show in the afterlife, as everyone knows, is "The Sigmund Freud Show." When General Susan of the Limbo Army (Emerson LaJoie) appears on the show, she gets more psychoanalysis than she bargained for from a certain psychologist (Richard Fish).

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Indecisive People Suck!

All you need to know about the dangers of being afraid to make a decision, and yachting...on the River Styx.

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Mr. Wiggly at the Golden Gates

It's not easy being married, even if you are gods from Valhalla. Odin (Richard Fish) is enjoying the peace and quiet of his banishment to the inside of a Scottish volcano, but his love-starved wife Freya (Liz Radue) has other ideas about how to pass the time...

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Put Your Minds at Ease, Valiant Heroes!

Victoria (Joss Marsh) and Sandy (Joel Pierson) get the chance to meet their new ... roommates.

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Guess Who's Coming to ... Tea?

It's not every day that you get to entertain Norse gods in your home. Poor Victoria (Joss Marsh); her guests include Odin, father of the gods (Rickard Fish), Freya, his passionate wife, and the hot-headed Thor, god of bashing things (Tony Brewer).

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I Don't Think We're in Valhalla Anymore, Toto...

When modern psychology meets stubbord Asgardians, something's gotta bend. The gods get a dose of good old-fashioned modern therapy to help them acclimate to the weird new world...

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When George Calls

George (Kirk Walter) is out of the closet, but Dad (Jim Hettmer) isn't comfortable with him coming home for Christmas. After all, this is Cincinnati...Ohio!

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